How to choose the best Storage Solutions while moving your home?

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Often times, there arises a situation where you need to look for temporary storage solutions for your belongings specifically when you have vacated your old home and your new home is still under construction.

In this scenario, we highly recommend you go with short-term storage which will be of immense help to you in terms of managing your belongings.

Short-term storage is defined as storage where you can keep your belongings for three months or less. However, the ultimate idea of short-term storage is that you can access your belongings with subtle ease.

What Goes in the Short-Term Storage Solutions?

So, what are the belongings which you can keep in the short-term storage solutions? This question might be popping into your mind if you are thinking to use the storage solutions. Below we list the things which you can keep in the storage solutions.

  1. Seasonal & extra clothing which won’t be of any use to you for some months.
  2. All sorts of household appliances.
  3. Furniture items.
  4. Home Decor items.
  5. Some Electronic Items
  6. Any item like books, newspapers, magazines, toys, etc.
  7. Old mattresses / extra bedding
  8. Gardening tools, outdoor / patio furniture
  9. Other miscellaneous things in your garage/basement

The above list is just about what you can keep in the short-term storage. We highly advise you to use the storage as per your requirements.

There are certain factors you need to keep in your mind when you venture out to select a reliable storage option for yourself. We list those factors below. Read the list out to ensure you get the best storage option and the one that meets your requirements.

  1. Deciding the belongings you will require: Firstly, figure out the things which you are going to require and the things which you want to keep the short-term storage. We recommend you making a list of things so that you don’t miss out on any.

    Making a list will avoid an end-time hustle for you. Start planning out well in advance and give yourself considerable time to bifurcate things into two parts: Belongings you will require and the belongings you will keep in the short-term storage.

  2. Figuring out the required space: Once you have bifurcated your belongings, it will be easy for you to figure out the storage space you will require. You might be aware; storage units offer various ranges of sizes. You can plan the storage unit size you will require along with planning an outline on how you will store your belongings.

    Analyze the size of the belongings and the boxes in which you will keep them. It will help you to select the best storage unit size which exactly matches your requirements. Some common sizes available are 5’ x 15’ or 10’ x 10’ (for storing belongings from 1 bedroom apartment), 10’ x 15’ (for storing belongings from 2 bedrooms apartment), and 10’ x 20’ or 10’ x 30’ (for storing belongings from 3 bedrooms apartment).

  3. Your Budget: Once you figure out space you will require, next you need to fix your budget. Though storage units are not pocket troublers, you have to fix a budget you can dedicate to the storage units.

    You can contact a storage company and use their services. Usually, their prices are extremely cost-effective as they draft an agreement keeping the short-term requirements in their mind. Alternatively, you can also look for some budget-friendly options on Google and your ease to access.

  4. The Flexibility: You need to decide the location of the storage unit keeping your flexibility and ease of access in your mind. After all, you never know, how and when you will require something in the storage unit. The unit far away from your temporary location will naturally make accessing it difficult for you.

    Thus, we highly recommend going with the storage unit which is at a shorter distance from your moving location. Also, please go through the rules and regulations of the storage unit once before making any deal. They vary according to the various storage units and might impact your flexibility.

  5. Storage In Transit (SIT): If you want SIT facility, you need to choose the short-term storage accordingly. But what Storage in Transit is? It is a facility which many storage units provide under which they will transit your belongings to your new home whenever you want or whenever the contract ends.

    This is a major facility you can use if you have many belongings to be moved from the storage unit to your new home. However, not all storage unit providers come with this facility. Thus, it is necessary for you to verify the same before signing a contract.

  6. Verify Storage Security: Along with facilities and flexibility, the next important thing you need to keep in mind is the security of your belongings. Look for various factors like CCTV Cameras, gate-security, the surroundings, etc.

    Don’t hesitate to ask the administration questions about the security factor at their premises.

  7. Don’t Hassle Much: At last, be a bit patient before selecting a storage unit for your belongings. Most people tend to go with the first option they find and then start about cribbing on the things later.

    We highly advise you to go through different storage unit companies and compare the price and facilities they provide. Also, security is a factor that you can’t compromise at all. That’s why, plan things well in advance and give yourself a couple of days to select the storage unit for your belongings.

We hope the above points give you clarity on how to select the best storage unit while moving homes.

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