How to design an eco-friendly home?

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The desire to build an eco-friendly custom home has been increasing on an exponential basis among homeowners. And, it’s all for good. After all, what’s wrong with fulfilling your desires and that too without imparting any sort of negative impact on the environment?

However, as much as designing an eco-friendly home is an amazing thing, it’s a bit difficult too. Coping up with eco-friendly requirements where pollution and artificial things are dominating is a daunting task.

If you are troubled too, you have landed in the right place. This blog further lists and explains certain things you can nail to ensure that the home you design is eco-friendly. Hence, keep reading!

Top ways to design an eco-friendly custom home

So, how do you design an eco-friendly home? Checkout some of the best ways to do so below.

1) Ensure efficient insulation: Insulation is one primary reason for energy loss and hence making the appliances work with increased load. Hence, ensure efficient insulation at your home to subside the energy loss and allow the appliances to work with the utmost efficiency and less energy.

Efficient insulation would prevent anything like air leakage, which would eventually save a lot of energy. Also, efficient insulation adds structural integrity to your home, which is again a major benefit of the same.

Hence, the first most reliable way to design an eco-friendly home; ensure efficient insulation.

2) Keep it simple & compact: You might want to build a huge home, but you must know that it is of a little help when the eco-friendly aspect is taken into consideration. The bigger your home is, the more complex the home design is, the lesser your home will be eco-friendly.

Hence, just keep things simple. Use your creativity and figure out how you can fulfill your desire by keeping things simple and compact.

3) Using smart thermostats: Next comes playing with your electrical devices. A smart or programmable thermostat is extremely useful when it comes to getting full control of the appliances and keeping anything like overheating or overcooling away.

You can split your custom home into different zones and bifurcate the cooling and heating system according to your requirements. The ultimate purpose here is to reduce overall energy consumption, and using a smart thermostat is one of the most reliable ways to do so.

4) Plant more trees: This would be one of the most important contributions to our environment, of course. You can plant more trees and vegetation on your property. It would subside things like soil erosion.

The more you add trees and vegetation, the cooler air they will drive, hence reducing the need for artificial air from an air conditioner. You might find planting trees and vegetation a bit difficult, but with the results it delivers, nailing this step is absolutely worth it.

5) Use energy-efficient fixtures: This is another important way to ensure that your home is eco-friendly.

Be it LED light bulbs, aerated faucets, or anything else, there are various eco-friendly options available in the market. Just do your research and ensure that you select the right!

Designing an eco-friendly custom home won’t be difficult for you now. In the current scenario, taking steps towards being eco-friendly is necessary, and your home can be a great thing to start with.

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