Timeline for Building a New Custom Home in Lake City, FL

New Custom Home Builder in Lake City Florida

Every prospective home buyer would usually include a question of the timeline in their conversation with a home builder. The timelines do vary from home builder to home builder and the type & size of home design you choose and the customizations you need in your new home.

Building a custom home requires extra efforts, co-ordination between different contractors, planning, and a distinct kind of professionalism that is available only to a few specialized custom home builders like Sparks Construction in Lake City, FL. Regardless, a lot goes into building a new home, and below mentioned are a few steps that are broadly employed by home builders in Lake City, FL.

#1 Preparation and Foundation

Once you are done with the nitty-gritty involved in designing a home, then your home builder begins the home construction. Most of the site preparation and foundation work are all performed by crew members of a construction company. They would start clearing the trees, rocks, and similar items, in addition to levelling and rough grading for making the foundation.

This particular task would take around 2-4 weeks.

#2 Task of Framing

After the foundation is formed and has passed inspection successfully, your home will be now ready to have a stable structure for framing. In this stage, the floors, walls, and roof will be framed with the help of wood. To cut the long story short, the builders will be preparing a skeleton of your home, allowing you to get your first sense of the outline of your home.

The approximate duration of framing would be around 2-3 weeks.

#3 Installing the Roof

At this stage, new home builders would usually install the decking, flashing and shingles. In addition to installing the roofing, the builders will also wrap the exterior walls with the help of sheathing. Besides, some builders may also install the windows along.

Installing the roof would usually take 2-4 weeks, but it also depends on the weather as bad weather may delay things.  The good news is, once the roof is installed, bad weather is not much of a concern for home interior work.

#4 Wiring and plumbing

The crew members will then start working on the plumbing and electrical wiring. This task will take about 3 weeks.

#5 Doing the interior finishing

After plumbing and electrical wiring, the workers will get on to the work of interior finishing. Drywalls are installed and texture is applied on the inside whereas bricks and stones get installed on the outside. Some contractors would even apply the primer coat of paint at his stage.

The approximate time required to finish this task is 2-4 weeks.

#6 The ball gets rolling in the final two months!

Any home builder in Lake City, FL, that you pick to build your home will more or less take two months to complete the final pending work. In these two months, the floors are installed, painting work is finalized, plumbing and electrical work is over, ceiling fans are hanged, and kitchen countertop, cabinets and bathroom vanities are installed.

Final words

The time from permits to construction varies; however, the average completion time of a single-family home is approximately seven to eight months. While it usually takes around seven to eight months to complete the process of building a home, it is vital to note that there could be delays due to unforeseen circumstances like lack of labor/supply availability, change in home design/plan by home owner, lack of support from mother nature, etc. and that the job of completing the task may take longer than anticipated.

Working with a professional home builder will save you the headache of getting pre-construction approvals & permits, working with multiple contractors, and most importantly give you the peace of mind considering that you have a true professional that you can trust will do the job right after putting so much investment into your dream home.

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