New Home or Pre-owned Home: The Pros & the Cons

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There are a couple of baseline questions that home buyers have to face in the process of home buying. Firstly and formerly, it is vital for home buyers to decide whether they fancy living in a newly built home or a previously owned home. Clearly, both types of houses have their distinct pros and cons, and the preference for any one of the type is a matter of individual choice after reviewing all the pros and the cons. It is a good idea to consult a professional home builder in Lake City, FL, or elsewhere for better guidance prior to making any decisions.

Meanwhile, let’s just find out what these pros are, and how significant they are in deciding the kind of home for oneself.

Pros of New Homes:

#1 Save on Energy Costs

While thinking emotionally, it may seem that buying a used home won’t be too harsh on your pocket. It is, however, pivotal to note that buying a new home, perhaps, will make more sense in terms of finances. One of the most vivid benefits is that a new home will be built using the most updated energy efficient materials, which will help you in saving heating and cooling costs.

#2 Better resale value

Particularly for times when you wish to resell your home in the next few years. Every time you contemplate buying a house, make sure you consider a home’s  resale value as well. Unarguably, a new home will fetch you a better resale value than an old-pristine home.

#3 Flexibility to design your home

In case of opting for a new home, you don’t have to compromise on someone else’s choice of design, interior and floor plans. For instance, you, and not a previous owner, will make calls on selecting the layout of the rooms, selecting floor plans, place and size of kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and so forth. Besides, new homes will offer you the luxury of choosing layouts from modern floor plans, which means you can have large family rooms inclusive of kitchen and dining areas or say a master bedroom on the main floor.

With the help of your own preferred home builder, and there are plenty of new home builders in Lake City, FL, who have been leaving no stone unturned in redefining a new way of living for new and innovative thinkers planning to design their homes.

#4 Freedom to choose the best custom home builder in Lake City, FL

For some of us who find it painfully hard to settle on someone else’s choices, buying a new home gives us the freedom, literally and figuratively, to choose our favourite custom home builders in Lake City, Fl, or anywhere else, who are highly professional and experienced in guiding us throughout.

#5 Low maintenance costs

Within the first several years of your purchase of a new home, the maintenance costs will be low. And why is that? A builder of your home will usually offer you a warranty Besides, since all the amenities in the home are brand new there won’t be any huge unforeseen expenses.

#6 You can start with a clean state!

Lastly, but most importantly, buying a new home allows you to start clean and fresh. Imagine the feeling of newness. Everything in your house will be brand new, from kitchen to garage to the backyard. The feeling of walking into a newly built home, and that too which is yours, is priceless.

Since we have already established some of the key most benefits of buying a new home, let us now read further to know about the benefits pertaining to buying a used home.

Pros of Pre-owned Homes:

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#1 Getting a ‘move-in ready’ home

Generally speaking, when you buy a pre-owned home, everything that a previous owner has in his home comes along to you with the home. In other words, the home will be equipped with basic amenities.

#2 A sense of community is stronger

For a few potential home buyers, one of the most crucial parameters while making a decision of buying a home involves availing a feeling of community. With pre-owned homes, neighbourhoods are usually well established, and living in such homes will give you a sense of belonging to the community.

In conclusion!

Making the decision of buying a home, new or pre-owned, takes significant time & research. And, therefore, it is imperative for home buyers to take their time and weigh the pros of buying a new house versus buying a pre-owned house. Make sure that you, a potential home buyer, speak to a professional home builder and consult them before making a final decision.

Good luck!