Value Enhancing Home Renovation and Remodeling in Lake City, Gainesville and areas of North Florida

House Renovation in Lake City Florida

Besides being excellent builders, Sparks Construction specializes in projects involving renovation and remodeling of existing homes. On your request we can help you in improving your existing home to meet your expectations in terms of space alterations, addition of new features, aesthetic enhancements, and added functionality. If your home needs any of this, Sparks Construction is just the right company to assign the job.

Home Renovation to Match Your Taste and Current Trends

At Sparks Construction, we keep abreast about the latest trends in home décor and styling, which makes us capable in executing many a contemporary home renovation projects. Be it converting a traditional kitchen into a modular one, landscaping, making new closets, all comes under renovation and we promise you the best value for the money you invest in renovating your house.

Home Remodeling

We very well understand the specific needs of small and large homes, and know how to accommodate the best features in the best possible way depending on the size of the house. If your home was built long ago and now you want to give it a modern touch or add/change any portions, we can help you significantly by implementing the required changes with minimum wear and tear in the house.

One of the most sought after home remodeling assignments include changing kitchens and dining areas into a single dining-cum-kitchen to give an illusion of added space, and to make cooking and serving easier. Other frequently remodeled areas include changing a duplex into a single family home and vice-versa. Adding an extra room in the house using the available area is another task that we often come across; although challenging, we have been able to bring out excellent results within the space and budget constraints.

Enjoy the Best of Services

Sparks Construction has one inherent quality that makes it stand out among other construction companies offering the same services, and that is, we offer complete customer support and respond to all your queries promptly.  We serve the custom home and renovation needs of Baker, Columbia, Gainesville, Hamilton, Lafayette, Lake City, Madison, Live Oak, Gilchrist, North FL.

Call us for a home renovation project(386) 755-9314.

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