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The services and processes at Sparks Construction, a custom home builder Lake City, FL, are very transparent to the future home owner. We work on each and every detail of the project meticulously. We work in a collaborative environment which enables our client to take informed decisions in each and every stage of the project. This collaborative approach also helps to reduce costs, bring in more efficiency and enables us to offer you best quality custom homes that you have always aspired to have.

Overview of Services Provided by Sparks Construction

New Custom Home Services in North Florida

Pre-Construction Services:

  • Showing model homes to the clients to give them an idea about our work and quality of
  • Helping clients choose their floor plans conveniently by showing them custom plans of
    contemporary designs
  • Creating artist rendering of the chosen design to give clients a better understanding of how their
    future home will look

Home Construction Services:

  • Constructing energy-efficient and high quality homes that are bright and airy
    Using quality raw materials that are environment-friendly
  • Depending on the needs and clients preferences we make use of wood, concrete, brick, concrete
    block and ICF construction material
  • We emphasize on providing high-performance windows, quality ducts and efficient insulation and
    a good heating and cooling system
  • Using raw materials based on the local environment and weather patterns
Sparks Construction tops the custom home builder Lake City, FL list. We look forward to helping you build your dream custom home in North Florida. Please contact us on 386.755.9314 and we would be glad to answer your queries or assist you.
Check our "Home Building Process" specially designed to deliver and meet your needs.