Top 5 custom home trends of 2023

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We are in an era of innovations & advancements. Be it technology or home designs, people always seek fresh & innovative ideas. Custom homes have also seen a lot of new and wonderful innovations in the year 2022. And home design innovations continue in 2023. The demand for innovation is on an exponential rise and the rise is here to stay. Sparks Construction, one of the most prominent home builders in Gainesville Fl, is here to build the home of your dreams keeping the current trends in mind.

This article is all set to help you out with some of the most popular custom home designs in the year 2023. With custom homes, trends keep on changing, and it’s always good to stay aware of them to ensure that you design your custom home accordingly.

Expected Custom Home Trends of 2023

Check out the expected custom home trends of next year below.

1) More Space for Comfort: Most of the world is now relieved from COVID-19 restrictions. However, several organizations, specifically the IT world have now started believing in a hybrid work model.

Hence, people will be working from home, if not daily, then occasionally. This is the reason people are looking to build a flexible environment where they can work with more comfort and focus.

Also, people are looking to build a space for their well-being where they can physically and mentally rejuvenate themselves.

2) Going Eco-Friendly: People have now started realizing that energy & environmental footprint is very important more than ever. With the rise in energy prices & its environmental impact, and with several parts of the world facing energy and financial crisis, people now realize that saving energy is necessary.

Hence, people now look to use renewable sources of energy whenever and wherever possible. For instance, demand for solar roofs or solar shingles is rising. Yes, the installation cost is to be paid here, but it saves costs in the long term as free energy is produced. You can think of eco-friendly ways to save energy and hence, do both, make your home sustainable and give your valuable contribution to energy conservation.

3) More Smart Devices: Technology makes a lot of things easy. Homeowners completely understand it, and hence, they are expected to install more smart devices.

Be it a smart thermostat to control devices remotely, or a smart security system to strengthen the security of the house, more smart devices will be installed.

Smart devices provide connectivity, security & comfort.

4) More & More Energy-Efficient Devices: Installation of energy-efficient devices is another trend we could see this year. For instance, homeowners would prefer to go with LED lighting over traditional lighting as it saves energy. Also, we expect them to go with energy-efficient roofs and windows rather than traditional ones.

5) Incorporating Nature: Incorporating nature was a popular choice among people last year and expect the same this year too. Nature gives people some peace after their hectic day, which pushes people towards it.
Be it a huge garden, natural wooden finishes, or a flowing water feature, there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate nature into your custom home.

These are some of the most expected trends that will be gaining an immense amount of attention while people design their dream homes in the year 2023. If you are looking to build your dream home this year, you can keep the above things in your mind.

However, a dream home is never built just by vision. Selecting the right custom home builder is a must to ensure that you get something that matches your vision and requirements completely.

If you desire to build a custom home, and if you are looking for new home construction experts in Gainesville Fl, Spark Construction can be your answer. Do connect with our team by calling 386-755-9314 and get your home build exactly as you have dreamt of.