8 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Custom Home Design

Custom Home Design

COVID-19 pandemic has been a reason for a strong change in numerous factors for millions of people. And, these changes are there to stay. Home Design is one major area where the impact of COVID-19 will be felt over the years. Recent reports suggest people are already strategizing their home design by keeping the things like Lockdown, Quarantine, and home isolation in the mind.

What are the changes in Home Design due to COVID-19?

Below we list some major changes that the COVID-19 pandemic had brought alongside it in terms of custom Home Design.

  1. Dedicated Workspace:

    Work from home is a new normal now. Specifically, for IT professionals. Most of the people now strategizing a design for the home now ponders over a dedicated workspace. People have now understood that “working on a couch or a bed is extremely comfortable” is a myth. In fact, it is taking a major toll on their neck and back. Nothing better than working on a work desk and with an ambiance like an office.

    People now look for space where they can place their work-desk and create an environment like they are working in their office. After all, working on the couch, or on a bed isn’t productive and comfortable. So we envision future designs to include an office room, office room lighting & ambience with required internet cabling to support work from home.

  2. Yoga Rooms:

    People have now understood the importance of physical well-being. This is the reason they have started focusing on things like exercise and Yoga. Whether it is incorporating a dedicated space for exercise and yoga, or purchasing health products, people are doing it all.

    Don’t be surprised if you see a dedicated space for exercise and Yoga in most future homes.

  3. Incorporating Nature:

    Unfortunately, nature was the most underrated thing in the pre-COVID era. Now, people are striving to spend maximum time with nature. Be it balconies full of plants, or having a mini garden in the lawn, people are trying to incorporate nature in the home design itself.

    And the desire to incorporate nature in the home design is only going to grow. This is one of the best lessons COVID-19 has taught us. Quarantine is tough. It becomes more difficult when you don’t have an adequate outdoor space where you can just enjoy some fresh air and nature. This is the reason, people are more inclined towards designing a home with adequate outdoor space and ensure if they need to Quarantine themselves in the future, they get some mind-refreshing and soothing outdoor unit.

  4. Focus On Multipurpose Rooms:

    People having homes with very limited space might not be able to focus on dedicated space for work, or yoga. Thus, they focus on designing a room that is multipurpose and can help the homeowners to adapt with ease.

    They strive to design a bedroom that can be converted to an office and a living room that can be converted to a gym or an entertainment section. After all, things like quarantine aren’t uncommon at all.

  5. Slightly Technologically Advanced Home Design:

    Hey, Siri! These words won’t be a luxury anymore. People will try to design a home incorporating voice recognition technology. Thus, they will be able to control things like electronic appliances, doors, etc. much more easily and without making any contact.

  6. Hygienic Living:

    People are making hygienic living their priority. They are striving to get antimicrobial residentials conditions and ensuring that they are in a much better space of living.

    People now prefer hygiene over looks. Using such metals, or antimicrobial substances, all they want is the superior quality of hygiene. Also, they are keeping efficient ventilation and sources of natural light while strategizing a design for their home. More emphasis is laid on using the metals like brass, bronze, and copper as they incorporate antimicrobial properties. Also installing central air purifiers is trending now.

  7. Color Choice:

    Pandemic has gifted the people a sense of uneasiness and frustration. Amid these tough times, they are choosing the color that gives them a sense of relaxation, and positivity. More emphasis is put on making the walls more beautiful. So, even if a need for Quarantine arises, the beauty of the wall will be providing them with some comfort.

  8. Eco-Friendly Approach:

    Lockdowns all over the world have seen an increase in residential energy consumption and thus an increase in electric bills. This has made homeowners design their homes in an eco-friendly way.

    The things like recycled homewares and eco-friendly furniture materials are some things that will be primarily focused on. Home designers will be asked to focus more on the things which can subside the energy consumption to a good extent.

COVID-19 has been creating havoc all over the world. Still, life is about being optimistic. If we focus on the silver lining of this havoc, people have understood the importance of hygiene and nature is not an underrated thing anymore. If you are looking for a reliable custom home builder in Florida who can design your home exactly according to the latest trends people are following due to COVID-19, you can reach out to Sparks Construction at 386-755-9314.