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How to choose the right custom home builder?

Building a custom home is a major investment, and if you are going to make it, congratulations! You are finally building your dream home. But, as much as the major this investment is, it’s necessary that you don’t create a mess while building your dream custom home. Choosing the right builder is the first and important step to ensure a good start to your home building process.

But, how do you select the right custom home builder? Our home builders in Gainesville Fl answers this question in this blog.

Tips to choose the right home builder

Check out the top tips to choose the right home builder below.

1) Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions before deciding on a single home builder to build your custom home. It’s recommended to list down the questions and ask them to the builder.

You must be very much clear about the things like the timeframe of the home building, the cost it would take to build your dream home, and much more. And, asking the questions to the custom home builder is the only way to know them.

2) Check out the customer reviews: Happy customer reviews validate the quality of services that the home builder provides.

Thus, ensure that you check the customer reviews of the custom home builder before you select one. Also, along with going through the online reviews, consider interacting with the people who have used the builder’s services.

Our custom home builder Gainesville Fl team highly advises you to consider the customer reviews of the builder before you select anyone.

3) Check out their transparency: No matter what the profession is, transparency is a must to ensure that the desired results are achieved, and you don’t have to go through loss at any stage.

Thus, before hiring any custom home builder, ensure that the builder believes in transparency, and doesn’t hide any aspect of the building process by any means.

The next rule to ensure that the custom home builder you select is top-notch; check out their transparency.

4) Check out their ongoing projects numbers: The number of ongoing projects is another crucial factor to ensure that the custom home builder you select is up to the mark.

Remember, the more the number of projects, the less will be the efficiency of the builder. Thus, avoid going with the custom home builder who is working on a large number of projects at once, as your project will be getting divided attention, which can create a mess for you.

5) Experience: Last but not the least, take the experience of the custom home builder into consideration before you select one. Considering the experience would help you to know the success ratio and the expertise of the custom home builder.

Also, you can check out the builder’s portfolio, and see the quality of work they have delivered. Considering the experience is a vital trait to ensure that the custom home builder you choose is the right one for your custom home and would deliver the top-notch work to you.

These are some top tips to choose the right custom home builder. Of course, selecting the right custom home builder among a plethora of options available is a tough task, but following the above tips will surely make things simple for you.

Rest, if you are looking to build the house of your dreams in Florida, you can count on Sparks Construction. Our new home construction Gainesville Fl team will analyze your requirements and vision and execute the same with the utmost efficiency. To get your dreams transformed into reality, do connect with our team at 386-755-9314.

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Top 7 mistakes you need to avoid when building a new custom home in Florida

Building a new custom home? Our home builders in Gainesville FL congratulate you for this marvellous achievement. However, we would like to make you wary of certain mistakes that most homeowners make while building their dream home. Knowing them will help you to avoid them.

We have published this blog purely to let you know the most common mistakes you must avoid if you desire to get your custom home ready without any hiccups. Thus, don’t miss out on reading this blog, as it has some really valuable insights incorporated in it.

Mistakes you must avoid when building a new custom home

Read out the mistakes that might cause a hindrance when you build a new custom home below.

1) Not being realistic: We agree that you want your home to incorporate everything you want. This temptation of having everything in often makes people forget some of the musts and thus, regret later on.

Whenever you plan a design for your home, be realistic with everything. Your budget, space, architecture, or any other aspect, you must be practical and realistic.

Going for something crazy thinking that your home will get an enhanced look might pull you down and disappoint you at a later stage. Also, be clear and loud with the custom home builder you select. Take the architect’s advice and suggestions before deciding the architecture and design of your home.

2) Not thinking of the long-term: A home is a long-term investment. It’s necessary that your home incorporates everything you might need in your future.

Plan the things like the number of rooms, the design and placement of the steps, the exterior architecture, etc. meticulously.

Not thinking of the long-term is one major mistake that numerous homeowners make. Certain designs and architecture look good when considered for the short-term but might make you regret them later. Of course, predicting the future is tough, but just try to analyze what might work for you in future, and what might not.

3) Following blindly what the architect suggests: Remember, the custom home you are building is for you and your family. Agreed, architects have the best knowledge of how things might work, but ultimately, it’s you who decide whether they will go well with your routine and requirements.

Explain your point of view, vision, and requirements to the architect.

Don’t be ignorant to not consider any thought of the architect, and don’t be so soft that you allow the architect to decide every aspect of your home design.

4) Not hiring professionals: No we aren’t doubting your vision and your skills, but if you aren’t a professional, avoid doing it all by yourself.

Always hire a contractor, or a custom home builder in Gainesville FL to ensure that you give yourself a reliable companion to build your home.

Carrying every responsibility on your shoulders will increase the unnecessary burden on you, and no one will be there to help you out if anything goes wrong.

Most people feel that doing it all by themselves will save them money, but the reality varies. Not hiring professionals may cost you more as compared to professionals, and also make the homeowners disrupt their routine life.

5) Not setting a budget: It’s necessary for you to be clear with the budget that you can’t cross by any means when constructing a custom home.

Not setting a budget implies being ambiguous with the most important thing of the custom home building process. Be realistic with your budget and give your builder clarity about the same too.

Not deciding on the budget might invite a lot of unpleasant conditions for you at a later stage. So the next mistake you need to avoid when building a custom home; not being clear with the budget.

6) Not doing adequate research: When building a custom home, doing adequate research about each and every factor is of the utmost importance.

The research will not only give you clarity on several important things, but it will also make you aware of several dimensions of various aspects related to the factors related to homebuilding.

Doing adequate research will ensure that you are able to explore various dimensions of your own vision. Thus, do adequate research before you start building your custom home.

7) Be careful with payments: Ensure that whenever you make a payment, you get a sign of the receiver on the letter saying that the payment has been received.

Also, you must get clear information about the deadlines before you make payment. Not being clear with the deadlines might delay the project unnecessarily. Make payments only when the builder is transparent with every aspect of the construction process.

These are some common mistakes that you need to avoid when you build a new custom home of your dream. Thus, if you desire to smoothen your home building process, ensure that you avoid these mistakes at all.

And if you desire that you avoid these mistakes completely, and ensure that your home building process is smooth, reach out to our New Home Construction team in Gainesville FL at 386-755-9314.

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How to choose exterior color for your custom home?

Getting your home painted is one of the most exciting things in life. After all, your beloved home is about to get a new & fresh look. But choosing the paint color usually makes the people feel overwhelmed and they end up selecting the wrong option. However, our Custom Home Builders in Gainesville Fl helps you to select the best in this blog.

As mentioned, choosing the exterior color for your custom home is a daunting task. You often get confused and give your home a look that might not give you an inner satisfaction after the paint.

Tips to Choose the Exterior Color for Your Custom Home

Check out the tips to choose the exterior color for your custom home below.

1) Use Technology Efficiently: Today’s Digital Era gives you a wonderful platform to check out various color combinations and see what might suit your home the best.

We understand that getting an idea by checking the color combination online is a bit difficult, but it will definitely give you a rough idea and thus figure out some color combinations on which you can move forward.

Also, you can use various tools that recommend you the color for your home depending on your initial color.

2) Always Think of the Long-Term: A paint enhances your home’s value to a great extent. It not only increases the lifespan of your home but also validates that your home has been taken care of and is in a good condition.

Thus, before you decide on the exterior color of your home, always think that what color combination will give the visitors a spark.

Also, figure out which color combination will fetch a high value if you set out to sell your home. Thinking of the long-term is necessary when you think of giving your custom home a new paint.

3) Begin with Choosing a Shade: Ensure that the first step of choosing the color for your home is choosing a shade. Decide if you want a bright color, or a dark or a mid-tone, for your home.

Choosing a shade isn’t easy as it seems. Everyone in your family will have a different choice. You might require certain days of brainstorming to ensure that you select the correct shade for your home.

Thus, ensure that whenever you decide to get your home painted, you begin with choosing a shade.

4) Take Location into Consideration: You might feel it a bit weird, but the paint color looking amazing at one place might look a bit dull at the other place, and vice versa.

Thus, ensure that whatever paint color you decide to go with adheres to the locality. Check out the paint color of the homes in your neighbourhood to get an idea.

Combine your observations with your vision and narrow down the best options for your custom home.

5) Check Out the Architecture: There might be certain architectural features that you might want to highlight after your custom home gets painted.

And, it’s essential that new color complements them and also highlights them the way you want. Thus, checking them out is essential before deciding the exterior color for your custom home.

Also, see the color of your roof to ensure that the color you choose complements the new paint color perfectly.

Studying the architecture of your home is extremely important to make the correct choice of color. After all, you don’t want to make the architectural features of your home look weird or make them go unnoticed.

6) Consider the Trim: If you are thinking of going with some different colors than the usual white, try a few shades just lighter and narrow down the one which makes your custom home look elegant.

7) Don’t Hesitate to Get Samples: Once you narrow down some colors for your exterior home, get some samples and apply them to a tiny portion of your home’s exterior.

Also, ensure that you apply them in different directions where the amount of light keeps on varying every now and then to see what color would suit the best.

Check the applied paint samples at different times of the day to see how they look at that specific time. Our Home Builders in Gainesville Fl highly recommends giving this step a considerable amount of time.

We hope that selecting an exterior paint for your custom home will be now easy for you. However, if you still get confused, or if you have figured out the paint color and looking for a reliable service provider, our New Home Construction experts in Gainesville Fl are your answer. To connect with our team, call us at 386-755-9314.

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8 tips to maintain custom home

Building your dream home is an amazing experience. After all, you have achieved a new feat of your life. However, preserving your dreams requires taking care of your newly built home. Not taking care of your custom home might make your dreams look pale and thus give you a sense of dissatisfaction. Our home builders in Gainesville Fl always say that slight carelessness in maintaining your home can bring a lot of frustration, hygiene issues, and expenses for you.

Numerous homeowners fail to maintain their newly built custom homes. What’s the reason? Lack of awareness. They aren’t aware of basic maintenance tips for their luxurious home. This article is purely meant to make them aware by providing them with some useful home maintenance tips.

Important Tips to Maintain Newly Built Custom Home

We list some very important & useful tips to maintain your newly built custom home below. Check them out.

1) Maintaining Heating & Cooling System is Necessary: Efficient heating & cooling system is a must to ensure that the home remains fit for a long time. Things like ventilation, air conditioning, furnaces, etc. can’t be neglected at all.

Also, keeping the heating & cooling system clean will ensure good health for you & your family members. Our new home construction professionals in Gainesville Fl recommend an annual inspection to ensure that the heating & cooling system of your house is in the best working form.

2) Don’t Allow Pets to Harm Things: If you have pets, we understand your love for them. And they deserve to be loved. But you can’t simply allow them to damage things at your home.

Firstly, ensure that your pet is efficiently house-trained before you give them a carpeted space. If they aren’t trained efficiently, they might damage plants in your lawn, or destroy your carpet, or even scratch the walls.

If your pet does that, provide them some toys to play with. Toys will avoid them from harming your belongings. Remember, the damages from your pets will be long-term and might bring a lot of expenses for you.

3) Check Plumbing: Water leaks are the biggest issue that comes with a long-term issue for a home. Thus, check out the sink and other water pipes at your home and see that plumbing work is up to the mark and there is no leakage whatsoever.

Remember, any water leak in your home might come with long-term damage and even electrical hazards (if water comes in contact with any electrical system). Thus, the next and very important tip to maintain your custom home; always to check on plumbing at regular intervals.

4) Keep Home’s Exterior Top-Notch: As much as maintaining a home’s interior is important, maintaining the exterior is also extremely important. Keep on checking the home’s exterior at least twice a month.

Also, follow a thumb rule of repainting your home every three years. Repainting the home not only gives the home a show but also increases the lifespan of your home to a considerable extent.

5) Stay Prepared for Emergency Situations: No matter how much you maintain your home; emergency situations might occur anytime. Be it bursting of water pipes, or any damage in the electrical panel, these situations might occur without any warning and also bring disaster alongside it.

Thus, it’s always wise to stay prepared for these situations so that you can take appropriate & immediate actions if they happen. This is one of the most important, yet the most underrated tips of home maintenance.

Staying prepared for emergency situation won’t only keep your home safe, but also ensure the safety of lives at your home.

6) Maintenance Contract is a Smart Investment: There are numerous companies that take annual maintenance contracts. You can go with this contract system to ensure that your home gets professional maintenance every year.

You can also add this factor to your portfolio. It will increase the resale value of your home when you set out to sell your home. Numerous homeowners hesitate to invest in a maintenance contract. But little do they know that it will only increase the home’s resale value.

7) Daily Cleaning is a Must: Your home demands daily cleaning. Not only for your home’s health but also for your own hygiene. Ensure that your home gets daily vacuum cleaning so that no dust particles acquire your home.

Remember, dust particles will only bring negative impacts on your home and your health. As they say, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.

8) Sewage System Maintenance is Necessary: You can prefer to go with seasonal sewage system maintenance, but it’s necessary. Not maintaining the sewage system might impede water overflow and thus bringing troubles for you and your home.

Also, if you don’t pay attention to the sewage system, it might get clogged and thus causing serious damage to your home’s interior & exterior. However, you can always avoid these sorts of situations by ensuring that your sewage system goes through maintenance at timely intervals and that too from professionals.

Keeping these tips in your mind will definitely help you to maintain your newly built custom home efficiently. As mentioned, building a dream home is a great feat, but maintaining it is equally important, and a bit critical.

If you are seeking any sort of guidance, or assistance from experts regarding your custom home, do connect with our custom home builders in Gainesville, Fl by calling us at 386-755-9314.

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Top 5 custom home trends of 2023

We are in an era of innovations & advancements. Be it technology or home designs, people always seek fresh & innovative ideas. Custom homes have also seen a lot of new and wonderful innovations in the year 2022. And home design innovations continue in 2023. The demand for innovation is on an exponential rise and the rise is here to stay. Sparks Construction, one of the most prominent home builders in Gainesville Fl, is here to build the home of your dreams keeping the current trends in mind.

This article is all set to help you out with some of the most popular custom home designs in the year 2023. With custom homes, trends keep on changing, and it’s always good to stay aware of them to ensure that you design your custom home accordingly.

Expected Custom Home Trends of 2023

Check out the expected custom home trends of next year below.

1) More Space for Comfort: Most of the world is now relieved from COVID-19 restrictions. However, several organizations, specifically the IT world have now started believing in a hybrid work model.

Hence, people will be working from home, if not daily, then occasionally. This is the reason people are looking to build a flexible environment where they can work with more comfort and focus.

Also, people are looking to build a space for their well-being where they can physically and mentally rejuvenate themselves.

2) Going Eco-Friendly: People have now started realizing that energy & environmental footprint is very important more than ever. With the rise in energy prices & its environmental impact, and with several parts of the world facing energy and financial crisis, people now realize that saving energy is necessary.

Hence, people now look to use renewable sources of energy whenever and wherever possible. For instance, demand for solar roofs or solar shingles is rising. Yes, the installation cost is to be paid here, but it saves costs in the long term as free energy is produced. You can think of eco-friendly ways to save energy and hence, do both, make your home sustainable and give your valuable contribution to energy conservation.

3) More Smart Devices: Technology makes a lot of things easy. Homeowners completely understand it, and hence, they are expected to install more smart devices.

Be it a smart thermostat to control devices remotely, or a smart security system to strengthen the security of the house, more smart devices will be installed.

Smart devices provide connectivity, security & comfort.

4) More & More Energy-Efficient Devices: Installation of energy-efficient devices is another trend we could see this year. For instance, homeowners would prefer to go with LED lighting over traditional lighting as it saves energy. Also, we expect them to go with energy-efficient roofs and windows rather than traditional ones.

5) Incorporating Nature: Incorporating nature was a popular choice among people last year and expect the same this year too. Nature gives people some peace after their hectic day, which pushes people towards it.
Be it a huge garden, natural wooden finishes, or a flowing water feature, there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate nature into your custom home.

These are some of the most expected trends that will be gaining an immense amount of attention while people design their dream homes in the year 2023. If you are looking to build your dream home this year, you can keep the above things in your mind.

However, a dream home is never built just by vision. Selecting the right custom home builder is a must to ensure that you get something that matches your vision and requirements completely.

If you desire to build a custom home, and if you are looking for new home construction experts in Gainesville Fl, Spark Construction can be your answer. Do connect with our team by calling 386-755-9314 and get your home build exactly as you have dreamt of.

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How to choose the best Storage Solutions while moving your home?

Often times, there arises a situation where you need to look for temporary storage solutions for your belongings specifically when you have vacated your old home and your new home is still under construction.

In this scenario, we highly recommend you go with short-term storage which will be of immense help to you in terms of managing your belongings.

Short-term storage is defined as storage where you can keep your belongings for three months or less. However, the ultimate idea of short-term storage is that you can access your belongings with subtle ease.

What Goes in the Short-Term Storage Solutions?

So, what are the belongings which you can keep in the short-term storage solutions? This question might be popping into your mind if you are thinking to use the storage solutions. Below we list the things which you can keep in the storage solutions.

  1. Seasonal & extra clothing which won’t be of any use to you for some months.
  2. All sorts of household appliances.
  3. Furniture items.
  4. Home Decor items.
  5. Some Electronic Items
  6. Any item like books, newspapers, magazines, toys, etc.
  7. Old mattresses / extra bedding
  8. Gardening tools, outdoor / patio furniture
  9. Other miscellaneous things in your garage/basement

The above list is just about what you can keep in the short-term storage. We highly advise you to use the storage as per your requirements.

There are certain factors you need to keep in your mind when you venture out to select a reliable storage option for yourself. We list those factors below. Read the list out to ensure you get the best storage option and the one that meets your requirements.

  1. Deciding the belongings you will require: Firstly, figure out the things which you are going to require and the things which you want to keep the short-term storage. We recommend you making a list of things so that you don’t miss out on any.

    Making a list will avoid an end-time hustle for you. Start planning out well in advance and give yourself considerable time to bifurcate things into two parts: Belongings you will require and the belongings you will keep in the short-term storage.

  2. Figuring out the required space: Once you have bifurcated your belongings, it will be easy for you to figure out the storage space you will require. You might be aware; storage units offer various ranges of sizes. You can plan the storage unit size you will require along with planning an outline on how you will store your belongings.

    Analyze the size of the belongings and the boxes in which you will keep them. It will help you to select the best storage unit size which exactly matches your requirements. Some common sizes available are 5’ x 15’ or 10’ x 10’ (for storing belongings from 1 bedroom apartment), 10’ x 15’ (for storing belongings from 2 bedrooms apartment), and 10’ x 20’ or 10’ x 30’ (for storing belongings from 3 bedrooms apartment).

  3. Your Budget: Once you figure out space you will require, next you need to fix your budget. Though storage units are not pocket troublers, you have to fix a budget you can dedicate to the storage units.

    You can contact a storage company and use their services. Usually, their prices are extremely cost-effective as they draft an agreement keeping the short-term requirements in their mind. Alternatively, you can also look for some budget-friendly options on Google and your ease to access.

  4. The Flexibility: You need to decide the location of the storage unit keeping your flexibility and ease of access in your mind. After all, you never know, how and when you will require something in the storage unit. The unit far away from your temporary location will naturally make accessing it difficult for you.

    Thus, we highly recommend going with the storage unit which is at a shorter distance from your moving location. Also, please go through the rules and regulations of the storage unit once before making any deal. They vary according to the various storage units and might impact your flexibility.

  5. Storage In Transit (SIT): If you want SIT facility, you need to choose the short-term storage accordingly. But what Storage in Transit is? It is a facility which many storage units provide under which they will transit your belongings to your new home whenever you want or whenever the contract ends.

    This is a major facility you can use if you have many belongings to be moved from the storage unit to your new home. However, not all storage unit providers come with this facility. Thus, it is necessary for you to verify the same before signing a contract.

  6. Verify Storage Security: Along with facilities and flexibility, the next important thing you need to keep in mind is the security of your belongings. Look for various factors like CCTV Cameras, gate-security, the surroundings, etc.

    Don’t hesitate to ask the administration questions about the security factor at their premises.

  7. Don’t Hassle Much: At last, be a bit patient before selecting a storage unit for your belongings. Most people tend to go with the first option they find and then start about cribbing on the things later.

    We highly advise you to go through different storage unit companies and compare the price and facilities they provide. Also, security is a factor that you can’t compromise at all. That’s why, plan things well in advance and give yourself a couple of days to select the storage unit for your belongings.

We hope the above points give you clarity on how to select the best storage unit while moving homes.

Sparks Construction is a custom home builder in Lake City, FL. We can help you build a dream home. Reach out to Sparks Construction at 386-755-9314.

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8 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Custom Home Design

COVID-19 pandemic has been a reason for a strong change in numerous factors for millions of people. And, these changes are there to stay. Home Design is one major area where the impact of COVID-19 will be felt over the years. Recent reports suggest people are already strategizing their home design by keeping the things like Lockdown, Quarantine, and home isolation in the mind.

What are the changes in Home Design due to COVID-19?

Below we list some major changes that the COVID-19 pandemic had brought alongside it in terms of custom Home Design.

  1. Dedicated Workspace: Work from home is a new normal now. Specifically, for IT professionals. Most of the people now strategizing a design for the home now ponders over a dedicated workspace. People have now understood that “working on a couch or a bed is extremely comfortable” is a myth. In fact, it is taking a major toll on their neck and back. Nothing better than working on a work desk and with an ambiance like an office.

    People now look for space where they can place their work-desk and create an environment like they are working in their office. After all, working on the couch, or on a bed isn’t productive and comfortable. So we envision future designs to include an office room, office room lighting & ambience with required internet cabling to support work from home.

  2. Yoga Rooms: People have now understood the importance of physical well-being. This is the reason they have started focusing on things like exercise and Yoga. Whether it is incorporating a dedicated space for exercise and yoga, or purchasing health products, people are doing it all.

    Don’t be surprised if you see a dedicated space for exercise and Yoga in most future homes.

  3. Incorporating Nature: Unfortunately, nature was the most underrated thing in the pre-COVID era. Now, people are striving to spend maximum time with nature. Be it balconies full of plants, or having a mini garden in the lawn, people are trying to incorporate nature in the home design itself.

    And the desire to incorporate nature in the home design is only going to grow. This is one of the best lessons COVID-19 has taught us. Quarantine is tough. It becomes more difficult when you don’t have an adequate outdoor space where you can just enjoy some fresh air and nature. This is the reason, people are more inclined towards designing a home with adequate outdoor space and ensure if they need to Quarantine themselves in the future, they get some mind-refreshing and soothing outdoor unit.

  4. Focus On Multipurpose Rooms: People having homes with very limited space might not be able to focus on dedicated space for work, or yoga. Thus, they focus on designing a room that is multipurpose and can help the homeowners to adapt with ease.

    They strive to design a bedroom that can be converted to an office and a living room that can be converted to a gym or an entertainment section. After all, things like quarantine aren’t uncommon at all.

  5. Slightly Technologically Advanced Home Design: Hey, Siri! These words won’t be a luxury anymore. People will try to design a home incorporating voice recognition technology. Thus, they will be able to control things like electronic appliances, doors, etc. much more easily and without making any contact.

  6. Hygienic Living: People are making hygienic living their priority. They are striving to get antimicrobial residentials conditions and ensuring that they are in a much better space of living.

    People now prefer hygiene over looks. Using such metals, or antimicrobial substances, all they want is the superior quality of hygiene. Also, they are keeping efficient ventilation and sources of natural light while strategizing a design for their home. More emphasis is laid on using the metals like brass, bronze, and copper as they incorporate antimicrobial properties. Also installing central air purifiers is trending now.

  7. Color Choice: Pandemic has gifted the people a sense of uneasiness and frustration. Amid these tough times, they are choosing the color that gives them a sense of relaxation, and positivity. More emphasis is put on making the walls more beautiful. So, even if a need for Quarantine arises, the beauty of the wall will be providing them with some comfort.

  8. Eco-Friendly Approach: Lockdowns all over the world have seen an increase in residential energy consumption and thus an increase in electric bills. This has made homeowners design their homes in an eco-friendly way.

    The things like recycled homewares and eco-friendly furniture materials are some things that will be primarily focused on. Home designers will be asked to focus more on the things which can subside the energy consumption to a good extent.

COVID-19 has been creating havoc all over the world. Still, life is about being optimistic. If we focus on the silver lining of this havoc, people have understood the importance of hygiene and nature is not an underrated thing anymore. If you are looking for a reliable custom home builder in Florida who can design your home exactly according to the latest trends people are following due to COVID-19, you can reach out to Sparks Construction at 386-755-9314.

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Fixer-upper vs. Custom Home: Which one’s the real deal?

Working with a reliable custom home builder Lake City is very important if you want to create a stunning, visually appealing and sturdy home. Sure, there are solutions like fixer-uppers but they don’t really provide the quality and value that you might need. It all boils down to what your individual preferences & choices are and what really you are ready to compromise for the price.
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New Home or Pre-owned Home: The Pros & the Cons

There are a couple of baseline questions that home buyers have to face in the process of home buying. Firstly and formerly, it is vital for home buyers to decide whether they fancy living in a newly built home or a previously owned home. Clearly, both types of houses have their distinct pros and cons, and the preference for any one of the type is a matter of individual choice after reviewing all the pros and the cons. It is a good idea to consult a professional home builder in Lake City, FL, or elsewhere for better guidance prior to making any decisions.

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