How to choose exterior color for your custom home?

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Getting your home painted is one of the most exciting things in life. After all, your beloved home is about to get a new & fresh look. But choosing the paint color usually makes the people feel overwhelmed and they end up selecting the wrong option. However, our Custom Home Builders in Gainesville Fl helps you to select the best in this blog.

As mentioned, choosing the exterior color for your custom home is a daunting task. You often get confused and give your home a look that might not give you an inner satisfaction after the paint.

Tips to Choose the Exterior Color for Your Custom Home

Check out the tips to choose the exterior color for your custom home below.

1) Use Technology Efficiently: Today’s Digital Era gives you a wonderful platform to check out various color combinations and see what might suit your home the best.

We understand that getting an idea by checking the color combination online is a bit difficult, but it will definitely give you a rough idea and thus figure out some color combinations on which you can move forward.

Also, you can use various tools that recommend you the color for your home depending on your initial color.

2) Always Think of the Long-Term: A paint enhances your home’s value to a great extent. It not only increases the lifespan of your home but also validates that your home has been taken care of and is in a good condition.

Thus, before you decide on the exterior color of your home, always think that what color combination will give the visitors a spark.

Also, figure out which color combination will fetch a high value if you set out to sell your home. Thinking of the long-term is necessary when you think of giving your custom home a new paint.

3) Begin with Choosing a Shade: Ensure that the first step of choosing the color for your home is choosing a shade. Decide if you want a bright color, or a dark or a mid-tone, for your home.

Choosing a shade isn’t easy as it seems. Everyone in your family will have a different choice. You might require certain days of brainstorming to ensure that you select the correct shade for your home.

Thus, ensure that whenever you decide to get your home painted, you begin with choosing a shade.

4) Take Location into Consideration: You might feel it a bit weird, but the paint color looking amazing at one place might look a bit dull at the other place, and vice versa.

Thus, ensure that whatever paint color you decide to go with adheres to the locality. Check out the paint color of the homes in your neighbourhood to get an idea.

Combine your observations with your vision and narrow down the best options for your custom home.

5) Check Out the Architecture: There might be certain architectural features that you might want to highlight after your custom home gets painted.

And, it’s essential that new color complements them and also highlights them the way you want. Thus, checking them out is essential before deciding the exterior color for your custom home.

Also, see the color of your roof to ensure that the color you choose complements the new paint color perfectly.

Studying the architecture of your home is extremely important to make the correct choice of color. After all, you don’t want to make the architectural features of your home look weird or make them go unnoticed.

6) Consider the Trim: If you are thinking of going with some different colors than the usual white, try a few shades just lighter and narrow down the one which makes your custom home look elegant.

7) Don’t Hesitate to Get Samples: Once you narrow down some colors for your exterior home, get some samples and apply them to a tiny portion of your home’s exterior.

Also, ensure that you apply them in different directions where the amount of light keeps on varying every now and then to see what color would suit the best.

Check the applied paint samples at different times of the day to see how they look at that specific time. Our Home Builders in Gainesville Fl highly recommends giving this step a considerable amount of time.

We hope that selecting an exterior paint for your custom home will be now easy for you. However, if you still get confused, or if you have figured out the paint color and looking for a reliable service provider, our New Home Construction experts in Gainesville Fl are your answer. To connect with our team, call us at 386-755-9314.