Fixer-upper vs. Custom Home: Which one’s the real deal?

Home builder in Lake City Florida

Working with a reliable custom home builder Lake City is very important if you want to create a stunning, visually appealing and sturdy home. Sure, there are solutions like fixer-uppers but they don’t really provide the quality and value that you might need. It all boils down to what your individual preferences & choices are and what really you are ready to compromise for the price.

Another thing to keep in mind is that fixer-uppers don’t necessarily offer you very high discounts. Even if they might seem like the better deal, the price difference between them and a good custom home builder Lake City isn’t that high to begin with. There are buyers willing to work with fixer-uppers in order to cut costs but they are not a good long term solution.

From a financial standpoint, it’s crucial to make sure that your wallet will be able to support the renovation cost at all times. You have to study the market and check all the options, then choose the one which delivers the utmost quality. Avoid rushing towards a decision; if you study the market properly then the outcome you receive will be well worth it!

Working with a home builder Lake City FL will help you get the better deal, especially if you need to do substantial upgrades or you need to make your home from scratch. A professional home builder in Lake City will be a lot more reliable in this regard as they will come with a plan and will put that plan to work efficiently & systematically.

According to a Zillow Digs survey, it’s clear that 4 out of 10 people that completed home based DIY projects wish they didn’t do such a thing. The reason here is actually very simple, working with a professional helps deliver a much better value and in the end that investment does pay off very well. Repairing these or working with a fixer upper ends up being a lot more expensive than working with the home builders Lake City, FL has to offer.

Of course, costs do tend to vary based on the region you live. But even if you get the home at a very good price, you will see that you might have to pay quite a lot of money if you want to bring it to the regular standards. The general renovation break-even point in the US is around $11,000 although in Florida it can be lower, most of the time around $6,000. So you should consider evaluating how much discount you get on a fixer-upper and after spending for home renovations how does it really compare with a new custom home? Also you need to factor in the maintenance costs you will incur after buying a fixer-upper and future renovation costs which you will not incur in a new home.

As you can see, working with a good home builder Lake City FL is the winner when it comes to getting a sturdy home with a peace of mind for the long term. You have to remember that your home is the most important investment during your life so you have to work with trustworthy professionals if you want to get the best value.